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My Blackberry Seed Legacy (Paperback)

My Blackberry Seed Legacy Cover Image
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My Blackberry Seed Legacy is a passionate dialogue of Braggs' journey balancing life without his father who died when he was just a kid. He captivates the reader with his historical, sociological, and intellectual legacy analysis. Braggs warmly invites the readers into his unfinished conversations as he explores the foundation, freedom, and stewardship of the blackberry seed legacy. There he graciously pays tribute to the legacy builders responsible for his numerous successes, especially his paternal grandmother, Ruth Bragg. He explains how his foundation of faith defines him as a man, father, and friend while emphasizing the critical importance of future generations producing healthy blackberry seeds. He artfully confronts a Black man's fears about fatherhood and their seldom spoken shameful pride while challenging the reader to boldly embrace the immeasurable power of unconditional love.

My Blackberry Seed Legacy is an honest reflection of maturing wisdom and a testament of one man's lifelong commitment to pay it forward. Braggs is careful to invoke the reader to consider that these unfinished conversations are substantive topics that all parents and grandparents should be discussing. He makes the case that we must teach future generations the lessons of our battles fought, and the strategies of our victories won. He meticulously validates the essential inclusion of faith and fortitude in the survivability and successes of the blackberry seed. As the conservator of the blackberry seed legacy Braggs provides compelling evidence that his faithful stewardship has brought honor to the family's name and added value to their proud heritage.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780578829876
ISBN-10: 0578829878
Publisher: Alphonso Braggs
Publication Date: January 6th, 2021
Pages: 132
Language: English