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The Spelling Connection: Integrating Reading, Writing, and Spelling Instruction (Paperback)

The Spelling Connection: Integrating Reading, Writing, and Spelling Instruction Cover Image
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Helping teachers integrate the teaching of reading, writing, and spelling, this book elucidates the strategic role of systematic spelling instruction within the context of the broader language arts curriculum. With an emphasis on practical classroom issues, the volume delineates effective instructional strategies and their conceptual underpinnings; describes criteria for selecting spelling words; presents case studies illustrating the stages of spelling growth and the assessment of achievement; and addresses frequently asked pedagogical questions.

About the Author

Ronald L. Cramer, PhD, Oakland University, Rochester, MI

Praise For…

"Ronald Cramer has written a compelling book on spelling in the context of writing and reading, well balanced between theory and instructional practices. Cramer does an outstanding job of dispelling the notion that invented spelling somehow inhibits progression towards mature spelling, and convincingly makes the case for a systematic program of spelling instruction through the grades. Curriculum directors and classroom teachers would do well to keep this book handy. Teachers will find the appendices of frequently misspelled words at each grade level particularly helpful." --W. Dorsey Hammond, Professor of Education, Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan

"This book finally accords spelling instruction the importance that it deserves. Cramer portrays reading and writing as pages in the book of literacy, and spelling as the glue that the book is bound with. Tracing the development of spelling, and illuminating its links to other literacy skills, Cramer offers a compelling argument for invented spelling and presents several different pedagogical approaches for teachers. What is particularly refreshing about this book is that it neither apologizes for the English spelling system nor shies away from the goal of mastery through systematic instruction." --James Wheelock Beers, PhD, Associate Dean, School of Education, College of William & Mary

"This eminently readable book conveys a deep sense of the promise and potential of children and at the same time offers unusually practical, step-by-step guidance for teachers. Students, novices, and experienced teachers will appreciate the extensive 'how-to' suggestions for organization of instruction and teaching, while scholars will appreciate the lucidity with which Cramer explains the underlying rationale of English spelling and how it can best be learned. Most books deal either with the broad picture of writing or the specifics of spelling. Cramer addresses both very effectively--and captures the wonder and excitement of children's literacy development--in this truly integrative work." --Shane Templeton, PhD, Foundation Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Nevada, Reno

"Light-years beyond the literacy wars and with an eye toward the fields of education, psychology, and linguistics, Ronald Cramer offers a delightful, engaging, and eminently useful book on the teaching of spelling. Filled with teaching strategies that accentuate activity; insight into spelling development; and helpful tips and lists, the book has the potential to turn any competent teacher of spelling into an intentional practitioner." --Ruth Nathan, PhD, Senior Instructor, Consortium on Reading Excellence (CORE)

"Written with wisdom and clarity, The Spelling Connection is a joy to read. Ronald Cramer's wonderful stories about spelling instruction in action are filled with insights into how students develop and how to involve them in the learning process. Providing clear guidelines for systematic spelling instruction that builds on reading and writing experiences, this is a book I shall return to again and again." --Donald Bear, PhD, University of Nevada, Reno

Product Details
ISBN: 9781572303294
Publisher: The Guilford Press
Publication Date: April 10th, 1998
Pages: 216
Language: English